Cod Meaning

There are 7 meaning(s) for word Cod

Cod Meaning 1 : lean white flesh of important North Atlantic food fish; usually baked or poached

    Synonyms : codfish
Cod Meaning 2 : collecting the charges upon delivery

    Synonyms : c.o.d.,  cash on delivery
Cod Meaning 3 : fool or hoax

    Synonyms : befool,  dupe,  fool,  gull,  put on,  put one across,  put one over,  slang,  take in
Cod Meaning 4 : the vessel that contains the seeds of a plant (not the seeds themselves)

    Synonyms : pod,  seedcase
Cod Meaning 5 : major food fish of Arctic and cold-temperate waters

    Synonyms : codfish
Cod Meaning 6 : payable by the recipient on delivery

    Synonyms : collect
Cod Meaning 7 : harass with persistent criticism or carping

    Synonyms : bait,  rag,  rally,  razz,  ride,  tantalise,  tantalize,  taunt,  tease,  twit

How to Pronounce Cod

  • kɑd