Crudes Meaning

There are 7 meaning(s) for word Crudes

Crudes Meaning 1 : a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

    Synonyms : crude oil,  fossil oil,  oil,  petroleum,  rock oil
Crudes Meaning 2 : not carefully or expertly made

    Example : managed to make a crude splint,a crude cabin of logs with bark still on them

    Synonyms : rough
Crudes Meaning 3 : devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment

    Example : the crude facts

    Synonyms : blunt,  stark
Crudes Meaning 4 : not refined or processed

    Example : crude oil

    Synonyms : unprocessed,  unrefined
Crudes Meaning 5 : conspicuously and tastelessly indecent

    Example : a crude joke,crude behavior

    Synonyms : earthy,  gross,  vulgar
Crudes Meaning 6 : belonging to an early stage of technical development; characterized by simplicity and (often) crudeness

    Example : the crude weapons and rude agricultural implements of early man

    Synonyms : primitive,  rude
Crudes Meaning 7 : not processed or subjected to analysis

    Example : only the crude vital statistics

    Synonyms : raw

How to Pronounce Crudes

  • krud