Liberals Meaning

There are 7 meaning(s) for word Liberals

Liberals Meaning 1 : given or giving freely

    Example : a liberal backer of the arts

    Synonyms : big,  bighearted,  bounteous,  bountiful,  freehanded,  giving,  handsome,  openhanded
Liberals Meaning 2 : a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties

    Synonyms : liberalist,  progressive
Liberals Meaning 3 : showing or characterized by broad-mindedness

    Example : a liberal newspaper

    Synonyms : broad,  large-minded,  tolerant
Liberals Meaning 4 : not literal

    Synonyms : free,  loose
Liberals Meaning 5 : a person who favors an economic theory of laissez-faire and self-regulating markets

Liberals Meaning 6 : having political or social views favoring reform and progress

Liberals Meaning 7 : tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition

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