Nags Meaning

There are 5 meaning(s) for word Nags

Nags Meaning 1 : someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault

    Synonyms : common scold,  nagger,  scold,  scolder
Nags Meaning 2 : an old or over-worked horse

    Synonyms : hack,  jade,  plug
Nags Meaning 3 : bother persistently with trivial complaints

    Example : She nags her husband all day long

    Synonyms : hen-peck,  peck
Nags Meaning 4 : remind or urge constantly

    Example : she nagged to take a vacation

Nags Meaning 5 : worry persistently

    Example : nagging concerns and doubts

How to Pronounce Nags

  • næɡ