Shrink Meaning

There are 6 meaning(s) for word Shrink

Shrink Meaning 1 : become smaller or draw together

    Synonyms : contract
Shrink Meaning 2 : decrease in size, range, or extent

    Synonyms : shrivel
Shrink Meaning 3 : draw back, as with fear or pain

    Synonyms : cringe,  flinch,  funk,  quail,  recoil,  squinch,  wince
Shrink Meaning 4 : a physician who specializes in psychiatry

    Synonyms : head-shrinker,  psychiatrist
Shrink Meaning 5 : wither, as with a loss of moisture

    Synonyms : shrivel,  shrivel up,  wither
Shrink Meaning 6 : reduce in size; reduce physically

    Example : Hot water will shrink the sweater,Can you shrink this image?

    Synonyms : reduce

Shrink Antonyms

How to Pronounce Shrink

  • ʃrɪŋk