Sing Meaning

There are 5 meaning(s) for word Sing

Sing Meaning 1 : make a whining, ringing, or whistling sound

    Example : the kettle was singing

    Synonyms : whistle
Sing Meaning 2 : divulge confidential information or secrets

    Synonyms : babble,  babble out,  blab,  blab out,  let the cat out of the bag,  peach,  spill the beans,  talk,  tattle
Sing Meaning 3 : deliver by singing

Sing Meaning 4 : produce tones with the voice

    Example : She was singing while she was cooking,My brother sings very well

Sing Meaning 5 : to make melodious sounds

    Example : The nightingale was singing

How to Pronounce Sing

  • sɪŋ