Twine Meaning

There are 5 meaning(s) for word Twine

Twine Meaning 1 : spin, wind, or twist together

    Example : intertwine the ribbons,intertwined hearts

    Synonyms : enlace,  entwine,  interlace,  intertwine,  lace
Twine Meaning 2 : form into a spiral shape

    Synonyms : distort,  twist
Twine Meaning 3 : arrange or or coil around

    Synonyms : roll,  wind,  wrap
Twine Meaning 4 : a lightweight cord

    Synonyms : string
Twine Meaning 5 : make by twisting together or intertwining

    Example : twine a rope

Twine Antonyms

How to Pronounce Twine

  • twa…™n