Wishes Meaning

There are 10 meaning(s) for word Wishes

Wishes Meaning 1 : prefer or wish to do something

    Synonyms : care,  like
Wishes Meaning 2 : feel or express a desire or hope concerning the future or fortune of

    Synonyms : wish well
Wishes Meaning 3 : (usually plural) a polite expression of desire for someone's welfare

    Example : my best wishes

    Synonyms : compliments,  regard
Wishes Meaning 4 : invoke upon

    Example : wish you a nice evening

    Synonyms : bid
Wishes Meaning 5 : an expression of some desire or inclination

    Example : I could tell that it was his wish that the guests leave

    Synonyms : indirect request
Wishes Meaning 6 : a specific feeling of desire

    Example : he got his wish,he was above all wishing and desire

    Synonyms : want,  wishing
Wishes Meaning 7 : hope for; have a wish

    Example : I wish I could go home now

Wishes Meaning 8 : make or express a wish

    Example : I wish that Christmas were over

Wishes Meaning 9 : order politely; express a wish for

Wishes Meaning 10 : the particular preference that you have

    Example : it was his last wish,they should respect the wishes of the people

Wishes Antonyms

How to Pronounce Wishes

  • wɪʃ