Fig Meaning

There are 4 meaning(s) for word Fig

Fig Meaning 1 : a diagram or picture illustrating textual material

    Synonyms : figure
Fig Meaning 2 : a Libyan terrorist group organized in 1995 and aligned with al-Qaeda; seeks to radicalize the Libyan government; attempted to assassinate Qaddafi

    Synonyms : al-jama'a al-islamiyyah al-muqatilah bi-libya,  libyan fighting group,  libyan islamic fighting group,  libyan islamic group
Fig Meaning 3 : Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit

    Synonyms : common fig,  common fig tree,  ficus carica
Fig Meaning 4 : fleshy sweet pear-shaped yellowish or purple multiple fruit eaten fresh or preserved or dried

How to Pronounce Fig

  • fɪɡ